Monday, June 30, 2014

Project 333

Many years ago, I stumbled across who I consider to be a pioneer in the minimalist world: Dan Ho. His book, Rescue from Domestic Perfection, resonated with me. I loved his television show.

Yet, In spite of the inspiration I drew from Beverly's (since September 2010!) and Coco's Project 333 posts -- as well as Xandra's participation in #MinsGame and Project 333 -- I kept my minimalist leanings out of the social media eye. Until recently.

I posted sporadic #MinsGame photos to Facebook and other social media platforms, and I started blogging again.

Project 333 - My Rules
Given that my current wardrobe is fairly small, I am not:
  • boxing the non-33 items
  • including shoes and accessories in my 33 items.
I am in the process of culling shoes and accessories, and I will keep or eliminate items based on fit -- personal style and comfort.

Project 333 - My (26) Items
Blazer - cinnamon (1)
Cardigans - blood orange, cream (2)
Camisoles - yellow, lavender, cream, tan (4)
Tanks (Singlets) - olive, cream & salmon stripe, cream lace, cream sequins, brown beaded (5)
Skirts - brown print, brown crepe, tan polka dot, khaki pencil (4)
Dresses - brown cotton jersey, mustard cotton jersey, brown Swiss dot, leopard print (4)
Blouses - cream tie front, brown ruched (2)
Pullovers - cream dotted linen tee, salmon stripped 3/4" length, cream knitted, mint knitted (4)
Most likely, I will add a cardigan and additional camisoles/tanks to the mix. Southwestern Pennsylvania's humid summers demand that tops be washed after one wear.

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