Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tidying Up - Knitting Needles

After a weekend of purging knitting books, magazines, yarn, and other notions, I was dragging my feet over diving back in and purging my knitting needles. I forced myself to do it, and a two-hour session (maybe less) yielded great results.

Additionally, I decided to purge my yarn winder, yarn swift, and... my entire yarn stash!

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  1. Got to the bookstore too late to hear Marie Kondo on Friday so I turned around and came home. I really admire you for embracing her method wholeheartedly. I'm doing what I'll call Kondomari Light. I've not been able or willing to gather everything at once and begin a purge. Despite that, items that I had been holding on to for the longest time are now gone or in the out bin. I'm currently obsessed with folding. I'm still storing certain textiles and clothing items on shelves as I have only three drawers to put clothing in. Refolding my huipils and the long chemises to wear under them was a revelation: they truly spark joy. Sometime today, I'm going to move them to a more accessible shelf so I don't have to use a stepladder to reach them which I hope will result in wearing them more often.

    Several years ago I resolved to "use what I have." This was at first directed primarily at the huge collection of soap and shampoo I had acquired. Now, after having used and/or purged many, many items since then, I'm rediscovering items that I find useful now or which I can let go without to much discomfort. I have one completely empty drawer in the bathroom now. It's silly, but that makes me very happy.

    Love your videos and your blogs.