Friday, February 27, 2015

More Life-Changing Magic

Since the move, I have focused more on creating a comfortable home than I have on tidying up (aka de-cluttering).

Given that I have been walking the de-clutter path for a number of years, my purge categories may well be smaller than the average bear's. Which makes for an interesting dilemma: I have a strong desire to re-visit several of the completed categories. At first, I dismissed this as an odd exercise in procrastination.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that while Marie Kondo's rules are excellent, the rules may need to be personalized and/or broken.

The main goal is to create a home and a life that feels right and simple. Thus, you may need to:

  • work in smaller sub-categories, rather than one large category
  • re-align sub-categories to make more sense to you
  • realize that you already did as much work in one category as you needed to do
  • realize that you did not fully work one category as you should have
Working jewellry as komono, rather than clothing

Make the rules work for you -- or break them!

Jump to a category that is easy and/or relatively completed

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