Friday, July 11, 2014

Travel Ease

Whether I am travelling for business or pleasure, I loathe lugging crap. I travelled anually to France for business, and everything I need for 10 days fit into a tote bag and a 20" roller cart.

John and I are flying to New York City tonight, and I challenged myself to pack even lighter than usual. Blame it on the combination of tightened restrictions for carry-on bags (in terms of size and number) and seeing Coco's Traveling Light: 3 Days in NYC video.

We leave tonight, and we return Tuesday, 15 July. In addition to my handbag, I am carry the Gaiam Metro Yoga and Gym Bag.

To see the contents of the bag, check out my YouTube video.


  1. I am so impressed that you MADE A VIDEO. I don't think I have the patience for that!

  2. It all looks so neat! How did the trip go? Did you need everything you brought? Were you lacking anything?

    1. I plan to do a follow-up post and video covering what I packed vs. what I used.