Monday, August 11, 2014

Project 333 | Mid-Stream Update

Barely one and 1/2 months into it, and I have already violated a few Project 333 rules! However, this project is not about rigidity, but rather discovery -- at least for me.

Shopping for New Clothing
My shopping spree consisted of seven items -- two dresses, one blouse, one cardigan, and three skirts -- bumping me up to a total of 33 items (not including shoes). However, I wanted to make amends, and doing so would require me to purge some clothing -- and shoes! 
New dresses
2 of the 3 purged dresses

I purged the following items from my Project 333 wardrobe:
  1. A brown faux wrap dress that was worn out and shoddy-looking.
  2. A mustard strapless dress that I had not worn since my visit to NYC.
  3. A leopard print dress that has been languishing in my closet after one wear. I am not a prude, but the combination of a plunging neckline and an animal print was too much for me for the office.

Digging into Non-Project 333 Items
Not only did I break the no shopping rule, I rifled through my non-Project 333 clothing. However, my purpose was pure: to assess my entire wardrobe -- including shoes -- and purge anything that did not fit and speak to my personal style. Because I am a spreadsheet nerd, I created one to highlight the changes.



  1. I'm a rebel too and probably would have done what you did! I like that you got rid of some things even though I know you've already pared down quite a bit.

  2. I absolutely love that you are using a spreadsheet....I might have to 'borrow' that idea :-)

    1. I am a nerd, and a spreadsheet allows me to see the big picture.