Monday, August 25, 2014

Business Trip | Montreal

I have said it before. I loathe carrying baggage when I travel. I planned to use the same bag I carried to New York last month, however, I needed to pack my work laptop. Thus, I pulled out my trusty 20" rolling suitcase. This piece of luggage has travelled with me since the late '90s, but it's days are drawing to a close. The wheels are not smooth, and I have to wrestle with the handle -- regardless of whether I'm attempting to collapse or expand it.

I plan to downsize once I buy a replacement piece, but this is the perfect size for 3+ days of travel. In fact, this thing took me to Paris and Cannes for a 7-to10-day business trip! That was before I had a work laptop that I needed to schlep around. 

My current business trip to Montreal is significantly shorter. Here is what I packed for the trip.

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