Monday, December 1, 2014

Tidying Thoughts

The Sunday before Thanksgiving, I dedicated roughly four hours to the pursuit of a more tidy home. This was not a series of timed 15-minute bouts of cleaning and decluttering. Rather, I collected every stitch of clothing I own, and I piled it on the guest bed.
A frightening amount of crap.
And then I wanted to vomit! My guess is that I own less than my peers, but I still own a ton of crap!

I am following the principles of Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. The author gives the reader pre-work, which I did not do. Although, I do think it is worth your time to think about the life you want and what feeds your appetite for reduction. Once that is concrete, it is time to get serious -- gathering the like-kind, purging  the unwanted, and properly storing what remains.

The author states to tidy (aka declutter) in this order:

  1. clothing
  2. books
  3. papers
  4. komono (miscellany)
  5. mementos
As I just tossed empty bath and beauty products from October and November, I am anxious to tidy my bath and beauty products. However those will have to wait until I tidy up my books.


  1. I love your videos and your commentary. I am also doing the Marie Kondo tidy of my house and finding it incredibly freeing. Your dry humor and deadpan delivery crack me up. Keep making videos! I look forward to them and they are motivating! lynne

    1. Thank you. Yeah... I'm pretty deadpan, but it's nice to know that it's appreciated. Good luck with your process. I agree... the freedom it brings is amazing!