Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Style in 5 (Tag)

Hello Cathy tagged me to answer the questions in the My Style in 5 Tag.

1. Who are your style icons?
I love the vintage glamour of women such as Carole Lombard, Jean Harlow, and Dita von Teese. I also love goth and steampunk styles, and I would love to figure out how to infuse some of those elements into my wardrobe. Finally, I lovelovelove eclectic and wacky style: Auntie Mame (Rosalind Russel version), Edie Bouvier Beale, Debra Rapoport and the other inspirational women of Advanced Style

2. What is your best style advice or tip?
Make an effort. Dress well. This does not mean dressing like Coco Chanel or without √©lan. Don't go to the grocery store or to the office looking as if you are ready to pave your driveway. Take risks and march to your own band! 

3. What was your style like as a teen?
Until I turned 17, my style was Flashdance meets Duran Duran's Rio. Next I moved into a Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Want to Have Fun phase with a half-shaved head and a dose of thrift store finds. Later, I explored something I'll call punky flapper goth -- combat boots, fishnet stockings, vintage slips, band tees, long pearls, and a cigarette holder. My hair alternated between a mohawk with a Danzig forelock and a Lulu bob.

Danzig forelock
Image result for lulu bob
Lulu bob

4. What type of outfit do you wear the most?
I wear cardigans a good deal. Maybe too much. I like to mix simple basics with vintage pieces, and then I add zest with colorful tights and/or interesting shoes.

5.Who is your favourite designer?
To be honest, I really can't say. My fave Project Runway designers were: Kenley Collins' 1940s and 1950s dresses; Melissa Fleis' minimalist, monochromatic style; and Michelle Lesniak's winning collection.

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